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Contribute to the Shani Robinson Freedom Fund

The Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal has taken a huge toll––emotionally, professionally, and financially––on the educators who stood trial to prove their innocence and who are now appealing their convictions. You can help Shani fight for her freedom and speak out about the real issues at the root of the scandal by contributing any amount that feels meaningful to you. Every dollar helps. Thank you.


Support a Teacher Coming Home from Prison

Angela Williamson is one of two educators who served prison time after being wrongfully convicted in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating trial. Angela was locked up for eight months, which likely felt like an eternity to her children. She was recently released for good behavior and will remain on probation for several years. In addition to the trauma of family separation, the cost of incarceration was enormous––from exorbitant fees for phone calls to lost income. You can show your support by making a contribution directly to Angela's family in any amount that feels meaningful to you. Thank you.